Airplane noise in medford

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Dear Neighbor,

You may have noticed the excessive airplane noise that continues to be problematic in Medford. Please join me in letting Massport know how disruptive the relentless noise is, and how it continues to impact our quality of life. I spoke with our Massport Community Representatives who said the only way to stop the noise is to flood Massport with complaints. I was also told by our representatives that Medford residents do not complain enough to Massport. If Massport does not know that airplane noise is a problem for us, nothing will change! 

Please click the link in the red box, or call Massport at 617-561-3333, to file your noise complaint. Be specific! Include how many times planes flew overhead, what time you were woken, etc. To view the Aircraft Noise in Medford presentation that was given by our Massport representatives, please see below. 

Please share this message with your neighbors and urge them to contact Massport today!

Please contact me with further concerns or questions.

Thank you,


John Falco
Medford City Council

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