​​​​​I welcome the opportunity to interact and collaborate with all of our city's diverse residents.  We are a community of young families, long-time residents, new residents, college students, single people, millennials, and senior citizens to name a few.  


Each of us has an important voice to be heard and a contribution to make towards Medford's ongoing vitality. The foundation of my vision for Medford, and what I will advocate for as your mayor, is built upon what residents have expressed as their hopes for the future of our city.    

Please check this page for updates regarding my vision for Medford. Below is my Campaign Announcement which highlights my hopes for the future of Medford. 



Hello, my name is John Falco and I am here to share some exciting news with you!


Every election year candidates for public office make many promises that

never seem to happen. The days of an administration marked by a failure

to act, failure to decide, and failure to lead must come to an end.


The residents of Medford deserve a Mayor who will serve with vision and clarity!


Moving the city ahead requires action based on a clear vision of ‘a Medford of possibilities.’ A Medford where every voice is not only heard but respected, a Medford whose public servants reflect the diverse makeup of our city. A Medford whose schools, public services, parks, playgrounds, and natural resources enhance the possibilities of achievement for our youth and the opportunity for all residents to enjoy a safe, accessible and peaceful city. 


I have heard from so many of you over the past months and I know that more and more of you share this vision for our city.


My friends, with this vision in mind, I announce to you today that I am a candidate for Mayor of the City of Medford!


The success of our city is fueled by collaboration, dialogue, honesty, and professionalism. That is what I will bring as your Mayor.


The challenges that we face are many and we will talk about all of them as the campaign moves forward but here are a few.


First, diversity. It is abundantly clear that Medford needs to address the issues of diversity and inclusion. That is exactly why I voted to reject the proposal to have the diversity office merged with other departments. Watering down the need to focus efforts to assess and implement diversity and inclusion is unacceptable in a city of 58,000 residents, 4,500 students, and over 1,000 employees. Medford, in 2021 and going forward, demands a stand-alone department that has diversity and inclusion as its primary focus!


The infrastructure of our city has been neglected...badly. My administration will craft and implement a plan to improve our water and sewer system. This will ensure that the charges assessed to our ratepayers accurately reflect their usage. For years the call to address this issue has fallen on deaf ears. Fundamental fairness to all ratepayers demands action.


As I walk through our city it is obvious to me that our streets and sidewalks are in a state of disrepair. There is an old expression “all roads lead to Rome.” Unfortunately - in Medford- we could easily say “all roads lead to the repair shop.” The lack of attention to our sidewalks and streets cannot continue. We can and must do better. Those companies that come into our city, rip up our roadways burdening our residents for months on end, need to be held accountable by paying mitigation and restoring our roads to a safe condition.


I am proud to have joined in the continual call of our City Council to remove the tree stumps that scar our neighborhoods. It is time to redouble the effort to remove them.


The same is true for double telephone poles. Utility companies pay lip service to the problem and progress is slow or non-existent. Perhaps if we refuse to approve permits for 5G small cell wireless facilities on any pole owned or leased by a company that has not removed double poles we would get their attention.


Our businesses and economic development go hand in hand with the arts and cultural community. Our local business districts are the engine of our local economy. Better networking among businesses, the arts community, and City Hall will foster economic growth, stabilize the tax base and unlock Medford’s vast potential.


Conservation and the environment are constant concerns. I am proud to have supported every environmental issue that has come before the council. This has included new street lights, plastic bags, and the solar ordinance. I am even more proud of being the only councilor to vote in favor of municipal aggregation when it first came before the council.


Our city’s Zoning Ordinance has not been reviewed in over 50 years. I led the charge with my council colleagues to have the zoning ordinance carefully reviewed. One of the better ideas that have come forward is the inclusion of new uses in our use table such as Life Sciences. Periodic zoning review must continue to ensure that we keep up with changes that will certainly be part of our future. 


The effort to provide Affordable Housing in Medford is crucial. I am proud of my work as Chair of the subcommittee that developed the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance and my having offered a resolution for the creation of an Affordable Housing Trust.  As your Mayor, I will work to bring this effort full circle. The door to living in Medford must not be locked. As you Mayor, I will work to unlock that door.


My thanks to former Mayor Stephanie Burke, City Council President Rick Caraviello, and the entire Medford City Council. Thanks to them we have a new Medford Police Station and Medford Public Library. Their efforts provide us with a model to move forward on a new Medford Fire Department headquarters and to upgrade our neighborhood fire stations. The time is now to respond to the needs of our First Responders FIRST.


To all those who desire to live in a community in which the standard of success is defined by fairness, inclusiveness, and equity, I say join me!


To all those who have a willingness to lend their time and talents to create, imagine and build a better Medford, I say join me!


To all those who embrace the possibility of a tomorrow that will stand on the shoulders of our strong Medford history, I say join me!


My name is John Falco and I am a candidate for Mayor of the City of Medford. I respectfully ask for your support and your vote.


I would like to conclude by thanking my wife Jacqui and my 3 sons John, Joey, and Jack, and my entire family for their love and support.