Dear Medford Voters,

I am an experienced, skilled, and proven leader who is ready to work with you to move Medford forward. With more than 25 years of public and private managerial and financial leadership and a passion for service for our shared city, I am running for Mayor and I ask for your vote.  

My priority is to make Medford work for everyone and steward a healthy economy that will enable affordability, opportunities, and progress. I have supervised multi-million dollar budgets and understand how to spend wisely and account for spending decisions.


Your tax dollars are your contribution to quality, reliable, and equitable city services including education, public safety, safe roads, and clean parks. Soon, Medford will be in receipt of more than $48 million dollars via the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Is there a plan? What are our priorities for spending? Has the community weighed in? All questions that should be asked. As your Mayor, I will be studied on the possibilities of ARPA spending, bring the community together, listen to feedback, and make decisions for the greater good.

With more than a decade on the City Council and School Committee, I have led with a strong commitment to my constituents and their families, followed closely by a vision for a better Medford where City Hall:

  • Reinvests in our school buildings, state of the art technology, and educational opportunities for all our students

  • Prioritizes and provide quality, affordable housing

  • Embraces, educates, and engages on matters of diversity

  • Strategizes for a bustling Medford Square with arts, culture, education, recreation, dining, and shopping, inspiring Medford’s other neighborhood hubs

  • Supports small businesses all over the city

  • Reimagines Mystic Avenue as a gateway to our city and an opportunity to expand our tax base

  • Protects, updates, and maintains our green space and parks


You and I share a love for Medford. We need to put our passion to good use and show our Medford pride. We must build consensus, solve problems, and make bold decisions so we don’t lose pace to neighboring communities. We must live up to our great potential and we must start now. I’m ready.