Economic Growth and Development

We need to expand our tax base by pursuing and welcoming smart growth and new economic development to Medford. There is room for both small and big businesses in Medford. Our proximity to Boston, untapped corridors, and access to public transportation should be highlighted and marketed so we attract a competitive, vibrant, and healthy economy.

Furthermore, Medford has a community asset that no other Greater Boston community houses, our Vocational and Technical High School. Connecting our Voke and other interested students to businesses is a win-win. Businesses get needed support from a local workforce while our students get unique and real opportunities. Let’s get to work.

John will:

  • Designate a business planning liaison at City Hall. This person will act as a resource to existing businesses and help to attract new ones. The goal is to increase business confidence, engagement, and the City’s revenue streams. 

  • Create a pathway program for our Voke and other interested students to get hands-on work, intern opportunities, and interviews for jobs where and when appropriate.

  • Bring together business owners, the City’s business planning liaison, and the Department of Public Works to create a consistent maintenance plan for our squares.