Expand Go Green Initiatives

The climate is changing and not for the better; it is an ongoing and grave concern. We only have to look back at recent storms that brought damaging and dangerous flooding to know we must do more for our residents and city. We need to act now to implement resiliency measures while doing our part to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

As a City Councilor, I am proud to have supported every pro-environmental issue that has come before the council. This has included efficient LED street lights, a ban on plastic bags, and the solar ordinance. I am even more proud of being the only councilor to vote in favor of municipal aggregation when it first came before the council.  We can do more.

John will:

  • Prioritize our commitment to expanding “Go Green'' Medford initiatives by reinstating a standalone Energy and Environment office that would give us more bandwidth to identify and apply for much-needed grants while making any grant proposals more competitive.

  • Commit to:

    • more electric charging stations throughout the city 

    • supporting green vehicle procurement

    • building environmentally friendly buildings that are less dependent on energy

    • more bike paths and bike racks

    • a top to bottom review of recycling procedures in parks, schools, and city-owned buildings to identify areas of improvement

    • expanding our tree canopy

    • replacing tree trunks with trees