Proven Leadership

"John is a person who demonstrates humility, empathy, and true leadership.  He's a dedicated advocate for all the children and families in Medford."

                      -Marie Cassidy

                                 Medford Family Network

John, at the Massachusetts State House, advocating on behalf of 

children across the Commonwealth,

highlighting the need for more resources to prevent child abuse.

Dear Neighbor,

As a second-term City Councilor, I have advocated for and support issues that benefit all of Medford. 

I often meet residents who have lived here all their lives and identify themselves as “Old Medford,” 

while others have only been here a few years and identify themselves as “New Medford”.  For me it has

never been New Medford or Old Medford, because I believe we are One Medford!  One Medford that provides a

welcoming home to people from all over the world and I’m proud to live in a city that embraces diversity and inclusion. 

I believe in a transparent government that supports the men, women, and organizations that are the backbone of our community- our schools, police and fire departments, arts and cultural organizations, and citizen-led groups.  Medford is more than just a place to live; it's where we call home and raise our families.  I want the best for all of our neighbors, and if re-elected I promise that I will continue to advocate for the issues that are important to you.

The Medford City Council election is Tuesday, November 5th, and I respectfully ask for your vote.   



John, pictured with Marie Cassidy of the

Medford Family Network, was recipient of the 2017 Medford Family Network  Leadership Award. ​​​

John received this award in recognition of his ongoing commitment and advocacy on behalf of children and families of Medford.


​​​​John Falco, Medford City Council